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What is Beauty?

Beautiful misty sunrise

So throughout my life I have seen and heard many different perspectives on this. There are those who can only see the darkness, fear, and horrors in the world, while there are others who can only see what is light, and good, and the best in everything. However, in my experience both of these views are imbalanced and lacking in all the information. The world is neither all positive or all negative and we want to be able to have a worldview that can support this. We want a worldview that will work in all situations, not just the positive, negative, or in between, but in the whole range of life.

Anyone can easily gravitate to one side or the other within this duality; either by escaping into nature or the mountains, or by hyper focusing on all the fears of the mind, and darker sides of life. However being able to see the true spiritual beauty within the darkness takes practice. It takes moving your perspective back to see a broader view, and the bigger story that’s playing out. It takes finding those things within that darkness that you can value, appreciate, and be grateful for. You might need to write these things down at first so that they can begin to imprint into your belief of how you see the world.

It’s easy to say these things on paper...but how do you actually do it? The first step is learning to find your center and live from your heart and not your mind. However, just because we have found this space of center doesn’t mean our work is done. For example, if we have always been afraid of water and we were able to transform that underlying belief doesn’t mean that we should just be able to jump in and start swimming. Once this space and perspective of center is found and cultivated, we are able to then take in and digest the learning experiences life has gifted us with much more easily. All of this work is a process of building a relationship. As this relationship unfolds and deepens the awe inspiring beauty and sacredness that illuminates from it begins to permeate into all that you see and do. It isn’t that the darkness has gone away, that you don’t see it, or you don’t want to see it. It's just that your perspective of it has completely changed.

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