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Validation: The Energy That Heals All

You know that reaction we can sometimes have when we screw up really bad, we might say "what is wrong with me"? We may actually think this a lot of ourselves under the surface. This is a common core picture in our society of the metal element where we give ourselves very little permission for validation. Something I've noticed is when we are throwing this question out there, consciously or unconsciously, the universe will send us invalidating relationship after relationship, situation after situation that will break us down and show us all the areas that we are inherently "wrong" "stupid" or "broken". The same thing will occur when we ask "why is this happening"? We just get more of those experiences so we can figure out the "why". This is definitely learning our lessons the hard way.

Love is expressed differently at each level of the 3 treasures (jing, chi and shen). Through jing energy, love is expressed in a very physical way. Through chi, love is shared through our connection and the warmth of our heart. The energy and very tangible quality of compassion from this space melts all the hardness and foreign energy within this field away. Love expressed through shen is through truly seeing ourselves and others as who they are beyond our pictures, beyond the energy in our space that isn’t ours. Beyond the programming we’ve learned that create those knee jerk responses. It is a divine love that is expressed through validating our truest self. This is the form of love that heals all and is the most powerful aspect of any healing system. As the fractal pattern of the 3 treasures is held within each level of jing, chi and shen as our entire system works together, they each will contain a variation of all 3 qualities if developed.

Our energy system operates on a quantum level and what we choose to see and put our primary focus on we create in ourselves and those we share a relationship with. So if all we choose to see is "what is wrong" our energy system will begin to match this picture and everything will eventually be wrong with us. No matter how hard or diligently we practice to fix this "broken" image we unconsciously hold, the more impossible and the more broken we will become. When we teach from this space, we turn those we share that relationship with, or any relationship with, into the worst, incapable version of themselves, or rather not a version of themselves at all. Ken Page refers to this dynamic in his book "deeper dating" as a relationship of deprivation. It takes people in the opposite direction from their truest nature and expression.

As our ability to “have“ and hold this frequency develops the more powerful, potent, aware, and full of life we will become. This is the energy of neutrality and provides endless space and permission to be exactly where we are. There is no where to go because we are already there. Our assessments, our healing and teaching, and all of our relationships come out of this space of validation. Those around us become contagiously brought deeper and deeper into their own truth, power, amusement, and certainty. This isn't to say we can't see where something is holding us or others back, it just comes out of this space of validation vs wrongness.

The goal of any martial art, qigong, or psychic tool is to bring in the entirety of who we are into self expression. Ultimately, that’s what makes us so good in martial arts, qigong or psychic work or any other area of our life. It becomes something we are, not something we do. If our focus is always on what is wrong, constantly trying to fix a problem or make ourselves perfect, all our energy is feeding a lie, a frozen false image of ourselves and others and any healing or learning will be impossible. We will forever be stuck with one issue or problem after another.

As a suggestion, try rephrasing your intention and ask "what is right with me"?

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