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The Universal “One”

In Taoist science, there is a formula of evolution transforming the human being from a personal, separate, limited, and narrow sense of self back to reunion with the Tao through the principle of “reversal”. By moving back through the divisions of the One, reestablishing the lost connections to the ever greater parts of our self, we return to the One original source.

Prior to the division of the Tao, when all was void and unmanifest, the Tao, wished to experience itself in a new way; to experience itself within its own creation. So the Tao divided itself. Part of it would remain outside of all creation, including the physical as well as the non physical realms and dimensions of the created reality, while another part of itself would step into the created experiment. The part of Tao that stepped into creation we call the "One", the Primal Mother. While the part outside of creation is unknowable, unnameable, and completely beyond all understanding.

The presence of the "One" has 4 primary frequencies or expressions as a result of further divisions of itself that express through the levels of Jing, Qi, & Shen. A similar reflection of this event can be illustrated in the body during mitosis, or cell division. During mitosis, a cell will duplicate all of its contents, including its chromosomes, and split to form two identical cells.

Original Yang was the first level of expression that moved into creation. It is the formless, active expression of the One. In other traditions, this level of the One is also referred to as "Melchizedek" or the "Holy Spirit". The One on this level is experienced through our trance medium channels in our upper tan tien between our crown chakra and our first creative ring. It is the energy that is experienced as a supernatural event, of miracles, and super consciousness. Biblically this was seen and depicted through art as a flame hovering above the crown chakra on John the baptist as well as depicted at pentecost. Through the development of the upper tan tien, the aspect of us that is pure spirit, we can choose to call this energy in. It is Original Yang that has the ability to transform our spirit, rebuilding us to a level that can truly hold the mind of the universe.

Original Yin was the second level or division and is an expression of the One in form. In other traditions this expression of the One is referred to as Quan Yin by the Chinese, Sophia by the Greeks, and Christ by the Jewish & Christian tradition. This energy is a field of consciousness that is the expression of unconditional love, permission, forgiveness, receptiveness, and space. It is the doorway, or the place one begins in their development in making the connection with the One. It is Original Yin that transforms our energy and consciousness held in form allowing us the progression into formlessness. This field resonates with our Original essence contained within Jing at the lower tan tien. It is the means of softening our inner being at our deepest core to make space through healing the effects of our soul’s story so that deeper connection and embodiment of the One can come through.

When the One divided itself into Original Yang, and Original Yin, It ultimately created a 3rd division or expression referred to as Tai Chi, or Supreme Ultimate as it's translated. This level of the One is the expression of power through the union of the formless with the form. This is the Supreme Being or Ultimate Personality of the Universe; that which contains ALL life. This personality of the One, is often referred to in other traditions as God, Father, or Source. It is experienced as the energy or “impersonal self” coming through from the outer edge of our field. It is the energy created out of Original Yin and Original Yang that is both, yet beyond both, and resonates at the level of the middle tan tien at the heart. When the One was channeled through Jesus it named the trinity or 3 expressions of itself as Original Yin, being "The Way" or "The Door", Original Yang Being the "Truth", and Tai Chi as "The Life".

​The 4th expression of the One through this trinity is its ability to open the door to the part of itself outside of creation in the expression of the Void.

In Taoist philosophy, these divisions are described as the Tao creating the One, the One creating the Two, the Two being Original Yin & Original Yang. Yin and Yang at this level refer to form and formlessness. The Two then created the Third, Tai Chi which was beyond the Two yet contained the Two. The perfect balance and marriage between form and formlessness, active and receptive. The Third then created the Five which we know is the 5 Elements that created 10,000 things. When we bring spirit and body together at the heart, form and formlessness, we create the reflection and vibration of the ultamine personality of the universe within us.

It is important to note that all systems of spiritual and energetic practice are constructs of the mind and therefore limited to what can be defined, seen, heard, felt, spoken of, or understood. They are built within structure or form to varying degrees with a goal of transforming the practitioner from a place of form to formlessness. However, true formlessness equal to the energy of “Original Yang” isn’t fully achievable through the toil of our own singular efforts. Just as perfection is a construct of the mind and impossible to achieve in the human experience. In essence, this mindset or the traditions of spiritual and energetic practices that aligns with this mentality of singular development lacks the direct connection with the part of the conscious universe that contains ALL life.

In the experiment of the created universe, we come into form within a world built on polarity. The energy of light or life is to ultimately go within, reestablishing the connections back to the Original Source of the universe. The energy of darkness, or death is for the “small I” to go outside of making these connections, raising our self, by our self, to be equal to the Original Source without the reversal of reconnecting these divisions back to the Tao. The latter is a path that involves a never ending quest for healing and the search for wholeness that always leaves one cold, energetically brittle, exhausted, and empty. In some traditions this latter path can be observed as well as felt as a result of not placing importance on developing all 3 levels equally or making that connection back to the One the primary goal.

Spirit wants to validate and empower us, for we are the spark and reflection of the Original Source of ALL life. Spirit will not disempower us by doing for us the very things that will help us gain seniority in further owning our own space and stepping into who we are. We are extremely powerful co-creators as the reflection of the “One”. So too, it is a co-creation of development that occurs within us. We can’t sell a house that we don’t first own. This is the point of spiritual and energetic practice. To be as MUCH of ourselves as we can be on a physical, energetic, and spiritual level while cultivating this connection.

Our 3 Treasures, contained within our 3 tan tiens, are the reflection of the Original trinity within us. They provide a gateway or door through cultivation which can bring these first 3 aspects of the One into resonance through tuning the dial of our emotions and inner imagery, transforming the 3 into the One. This is the practice of "Centering". It is through our utmost sincerity and commitment to seeking this connection that the connection can be made. One must seek it with their whole being.

Through energetic and spiritual practice which incorporates all 3 levels, Jing, Qi, & Shen, we can create a clearer container for the trinity to come through. Each of these manifestations of the One rebuild us in their own unique way on all 3 levels. They reshape us to hold and be the point of expression of the One Universal Mind in all of its manifestations; to be the expression and integration of God on earth. This is the highest level of development one can reach and is the focus of training and healing at Centered Living.

Holistic nutrition, qigong, and clairvoyant development are systems that are designed to take you to the "door" by developing your body, energy, and spirit; growing your awareness of the subtle nature of the universe. As spoken of in the Tao Te Ching, "Having reached the subtlety of the universe, one may see the ultimate subtly, the Gate of All Wonders".

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