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Spiritual Geometry & Running Our Energy

Geometry is the spiritual blueprint we created that contains our life mock up, how we build our body, our emotions, our energy system, our identity, our internal/external communication and expression, and how we see the world. It’s the energetic pattern that contains one’s destiny, the experiences they’ll have, what they are intending to learn. It is the “path” one travels from the moment they are born until death.

This geometry is held by each of the chakras which are spinning this fractal information out creating our spiritual body, or astral body. This information then filters down and becomes the blueprint for every other function within the mental, emotional, energetic, and physical body “as above, so below”.

However, in the process of learning who we are as spirit, we go through many experiences that point out to us where we are not able to “have” ourselves, where we are not neutral or able to love ourselves from every perspective that we project throughout the vehicle of time. Through the gravity or magnetic pull of our karma (a spiritually unmet desire) and our matching spiritual pictures we bring someone else's truth, idea, problem, belief, invalidation, etc into our space coming to identify who we are, with a lie. In essence, we are adopting or taking on the spiritual geometry of someone else, their life lessons, their soul’s purpose and trying to make it fit in with our own.

This is where most of us are. It's much like throwing a wrench in the gears causing areas of our energy system to freeze up as these geometric shapes of information do not fit. The chakras can’t spin out our unique fractal geometric patterns that make up who we are and form the spiritual body causing missing pieces within our information and confusion around our life direction. This is all compounded by the fact that so much of our energy that would be involved in our decisions, choices, and life direction isn't in present time. The "self" can become scattered throughout multiple places in time simultaneously trying to process and manage those difficult experiences that we've gone through that have not been healed or integrated. This lack of flow and cohesiveness in our spiritual information eventually affects our mind and mental thought patterns, our emotions, our qi system, our anatomy, physiology, biochemistry; cycling around the loop at the last expression of spirit compounding the cycle of influencing energy within the physical form eventually causing disease and illness in the physical body.

The practice of circulating our own energy through our body clears the spiritual structure’s we’ve taken on that are not us. It clears the foreign energy held in every moment of our experience where we have given up our own certainty and replaced it with a lie. Mechanically speaking, by running our energy we allow our physical and spiritual body to restructure itself based on our truth. Through this simple practice we integrate into the physical body who we are as spirit clearing the pathway, re-establishing the flow of our own information allowing us to live out our physical experiences of what we have created through our dreams.

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