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Mindfulness: Creating & Recycling Elemental Fields

One of the big puzzle pieces where I have seen people get stuck in their personal practice is in the area of daily mindfulness. This is at the core of any spiritual path. All the tools, techniques, and healings in the world can never make up for our own minute by minute awareness on where we put your energy in the thoughts that move through us.

There are particular energies within our physical body and nervous system that we have a symbiotic relationship within that in essence are designed to pull our consciousness down creating the inner resistance necessary to develop our consciousness and spiritual awareness. This energy is not inherently ours, nor is it our physical body. Mindfulness and choosing where to put our inward focus is not about denial or being afraid of going somewhere dark or painful. It is simply about feeding what we want to grow while still acknowledging what needs to be acknowledged. In the beginning it requires the development of our wood element; creating clear vision, inner structure, and self discipline.

Where we chose to put our energy creates what we call elemental fields. These are apart of our energy fields and are created as a result of a repetitive thought, emotion, or action. These fields are not foreign energy, they are our own creation. However, foreign energy will typically influence a person through their negative elemental field significantly increasing their power of influence and the effects this field has on their life. These fields can have a positive or negative effect and can be created around anything we do in a ritualistic way. Elemental fields can end up being so strong that they are almost material. Receiving energetic treatments and qigong practice significantly helps people, even unconsciously work with their negative elemental fields and recycle this energy into its spiritual opposite. However, the elemental field itself cannot be directly treated apart from removing the foreign energy that may be occupying it.​

Practicing mindfulness isn’t about efforting to control your mind or being hard on yourself for the thoughts that you have. Mindfulness is a gentle practice that involves relaxing your body and mind, letting the energy of what you don’t want to focus on move through you unimpeded. Through our qigong practice of centering and working our tools, we create an elemental field containing our soul’s inherent virtue, our spiritual light and potency. These practices help recycle the negative field created from all our pictures and programming that pulls our consciousness down into the lower realms, keeping us limited and powerless. However, we still must turn off our auto pilot and make the conscious choice on where we want to dwell.

What are some of your experiences around this? I would love to hear them?

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