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Curious Cat

Curiosity is something we all think we have...but do we really? We all have experienced curiosity to varying degrees with usually more focus in some areas of our life and interests than in others. But what about all the areas that we think we understand and have all the answers on? Something that I have noticed in my own life is that the energetic quality of curiosity is the means by which we can engage in a conscious conversation with life and with spirit that will initiate a response in kind. It is the mechanism that creates inner flexibility and flow. Curiosity is the active expression of trust, and in classical Chinese medicine it is an expressive quality of our Water Element.

Many times in life we can go through experiences that can be deeply hurtful. Sometimes our minds can respond to these types of situations by swearing an oath that “I will NEVER let someone do that to me, or allow myself to be put in that situation again.” However, when you imprint these type of statements into the field of the subconscious mind you literally lock all the emotional charge and intensity inside that belief pattern, creating an energetic wall surrounding that emotion and experience. Whenever we have an emotional charge that is suppressed and locked away in our energetic system we are sure to draw those very experiences that originally created that emotion back into our life as our system is trying to give us more opportunities to heal that original wound. If we were to continue using this particular defense mechanism chronically over time we can develop a mentality that is very isolated, unsupported, rigid, alone, and judgmental. Our judgments can become so focused and unforgiving as our way to never allow those painful experiences to recur that we unintentionally cut ourselves off from our own spiritual essence and authority, activating the lower mind of our ego to take more of a front seat position.

If an experience or an emotion has already been classified and attached to a label, to the mind, it becomes the known with no need to be curious of what it really is; the mystery is gone. All these judgments and labels that we tend to hold onto create so much tension and rigidity in the mind, emotions, and body that true relaxation, inner stillness, and the ability to rest in center become very difficult to embody. With these identifications and attachments we become tied to the roller-coaster ride of our emotion. One cannot truly dis-identify with an emotion, step back and observe through an open heart, or let it go until the judgment and label of that emotion has been released. For all of our emotions and experiences are neither positive nor negative nor the millions of labels in between, they just are. ​ I have found the homeopathic remedy Carcinosinum T58 to be very helpful in accessing these walled off and buried charges of emotion. Once you can gain access through your center to these old emotional “oaths”, you can begin rephrasing that original imprint that began with “NEVER” to something like "what can I learn from this situation that can better help me grow?" This type of subconscious imprint will be able to digest those hurtful experiences and emotions in a much healthier way while reestablishing the energetic flow through using curiosity as your lens.  

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