Clairvoyant Healing

A clairvoyant reading and healing is a "hello" to you as a spirit, as well as the relationship and communication flowing vertically between you and your higher self and with Great Spirit.


Clairvoyant healing can support you if you're feeling stuck and looking to take a next step on your spiritual path. Getting a healing can help reawaken parts of you that have been buried or stuck. It can shift out the energy in your space that's not you. Clairvoyant healing helps to reestablish your vertical flow of communication with who you are as a spirit. When you clear out what isn't you, more of what is can fill that space. The deepest healing will always come from within yourself. Getting a clairvoyant healing provides you the space to receive it.


The readings and healings offered are in an open format. They can literally be on any topic where you feel stuck, small, held back, or just desire more clarity. These sessions are done remotely over the phone.

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Spiritual Pictures

One of the ways spirit communicates and records information is through imagery or "pictures". In short, a picture is a memory of the soul. Sometimes, you have certain memories on your soul’s journey that were painful and became charged and stuck in your space. These stuck pictures keep a lot of your energy stuck with them.

When the pure light of your spirit shines through those stuck pain pictures, it will recreate experiences in your life that are of a similar theme. This is spirit's way of highlighting to you what needs healed and acknowledged.


Like the story of "The Princess and the Pea" we tend to pack layer upon layer of unconscious and foreign energies on top of our pain so that we can function in the world. One of the many things a clairvoyant healing does is help you clear off the foreign energy that can sit on top of a picture as well as neutralize the emotional charge that keeps them stuck. The more you clear your pictures the more of your energy becomes available to you. This is the process of becoming spiritually neutral and the true meaning behind free will and reclaiming your spiritual freedom.

Your Support Team

When we work together in a healing, I am also working directly with your Higher Self, your Akashic record keeper, and with Great Spirit. I may also utilize my healing master, my psychic surgeon, and angelic healing beings in our session.

Everyone is on their own unique spiritual path. I'm not the one who decides what should be removed from your space and what shouldn't. Some pictures and energies might be there as a stimulus that spurs your spiritual growth. They might be a key ingredient on your journey of self discovery. There is a divine timing on the path of return that is guided by your Higher Self. This is why I place great value on working with spirit as a team.

Working as a team with spirit ensures you get the healing you most need. Your Higher Self holds the blueprint for what you came here to learn and accomplish. By working together, we can shift the energy in your space and clear any blocks you may have to taking a next step. Through communication with Great Spirit and your Higher Self we can uncover what your next steps are and what we can do to support you in your goals.

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For integrity reasons, I do not read or heal the people who are not present in the session and unable to give verbal consent. I also do not read future events. All readings and healings are done in present time from the information you spiritually show me during our session. All readings & healings are kept neutral and unbiased to support you in finding your own answers. If any information conveyed during the session doesn't resonate with you, disregard that information as not your truth.